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News of Dnipropetrovsk region. April 13th

Май 13
17:29 2014

Dnipropetrovsk region will implement new System of energy management

On Tuesday, April 13th Head of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council Evgen Udod has introduced new System of energy management of the region. it is planed that implementation of programs developed as a part of the System will let to save more that 130 000 000UAH.

The system of energy management is directed to saving of money from using of energy resource and addressing of ones to the regional development.

«We are attracting best international practices in regional development. System of energy management is a result of our cooperation with Germany, particularly with GIZ fund and with project «Covenant of Mayors». All this work is directed to do Dnipropetrovsk region financially independent. It is obvious that energy resources will grow in price from year to year and nowadays we need concrete steps and the system which could let us to track savings and to save money», — Evgen Udod said.

Evgen Udod has also informed that the network of energy managers will be organized in all cities and districts of Dnipropetrovsk region. There also energy audit and inventory of all the objects of communal property would be held, all buildings will be equipped with meters of water, gas and heat.

All experts attracted to realization of programs of energy efficiency will have to be trained at special courses. Nowadays the expected effect of the implementation of programs is more than 130 000 000 UAH per year.


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